International Master in Mathematical Physics, Université de Bourgogne

Poster  International Master in Mathematical Physics

Institut de Mathematiques de Bourgogne
Universite de Bourgogne
Dijon, France

Academic year: 2018-2019

The Department of Mathematics of the Universite de Bourgogne offers a two-year master program in Mathematical Physics.

Advanced students may be admitted to the 2nd year of the Master.

Students who will successfully complete the M.Sc. program will be encouraged to apply to one of the Ph.D. fellowships that will be available for pursuing their studied in Dijon at the doctorate level.

The main aim of this program is to provide advanced lectures on the mathematical methods of modern theoretical physics in the framework of mathematics curriculum. We offer lecture courses for the students with background in mathematics or mathematical physics giving an introduction to the mathematical methods used for such branches of theoretical physics  as quantum field theory, statistical mechanics, general relativity,  gauge theories, string theory etc. The coursework will cover different  fields of mathematics (algebra, geometry, analysis) and will highlight their applications to the problems of theoretical and mathematical physics.

The student will be integrated from the very beginning into the mathematical physics group of the IMB (Institut de Mathematiques de Bourgogne)  and will have to prepare by the end of their 2nd year a  master dissertation under the supervision of a member of the Institute.

The offered courses will include:

1st year of the Master (M1)

Differential geometry
Fourier analysis
Functional analysis
Groups and representations
Mathematical methods of classical mechanics
Partial differential equations
Quantum Mechanics
Numerical methods

2nd year of the Master (M2)

Mathematical methods of quantum physics
Riemann geometry and integrable systems
Lie groups and Lie algebras
Quantum groups
Cohomological field theories
Mathematical methods of gravitation

All the lectures will be given in English.

We will also provide several mini courses by the research visitors of the IMB  as well as by invited professors in the framework of the Erasmus program.

We expect to have up to 10 fellowships for students.

The interested candidates are strongly advised to already get in touch
with us, and send a cv to:

For admission in M1:

For admission in M2:

2 thoughts on “International Master in Mathematical Physics, Université de Bourgogne

  1. Gideon Bentum

    I am Gideon Bentum, I had my first degree in physics and I am currently doing my masters of Science at African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS-Ghana). I am interested in M2 of the program

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