From Budapest to Los Alamos, a Life in Mathematics



We would like to recommend the interviews with  Prof. Peter D. Lax who is professor emeritus at New York University, ranks among the giants.

Please, read the article by Claudia Dreifus in the New York Times: From Budapest to Los Alamos, a Life in Mathematics.

Please, read the article by Toka Diagan in Communications in Mathematical Analysis: Interview with Prof. Peter D. Lax

Death of a Neapolitan Mathematician

Death of a Neapolitan Mathematician

Caccioppoli_4We would like to recommend the movie about a Neapolitan Mathematician. Description of the movie is “Naples. Professor Renato Caccioppoli, professor of pure mathematics, is a tormented and disillusioned man living a difficult life. Back from the psychiatric hospital, abandoned by his wife, and having become a stranger to his own party colleagues of the PCI and its employees to the University, he lives his life with disenchanted posting.

Congratulations to Nurgissa with Axioms award

Nurgissa_Yessirkegenov.pngAxioms Award is granted to Nurgissa Yessirkegenov, a PhD student in Professor Michael Ruzhansky’s group at Imperial College London, whose recent research mainly focuses on analogues of some classical functional inequalities and their applications. He will give a talk about “Hypoelliptic functional inequalities” at the 12th International ISAAC Congress in Aveiro, Portugal.

Happy Birthday to Nurgissa!

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